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How to Convert Word to PDF

  1. Select the desired file in Word .doc or .docx format.
  2. Upload it to the Word to PDF converter window.
  3. Click on the "Convert" button and get the finished result in a second.
  4. Download the PDF file to a folder for storage or send it to your recipients.
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3 Benefits of Using Word to PDF


By converting Word to PDF, you will easily view or edit the file on any device, regardless of OS and software installed on it.

Easy Sharing

Sharing PDF files with partners guarantees that they will see identical page layouts. This is extremely important for the printing of a document.

High-Level Security

By converting Word DOC to PDF, you can set various types of content protection by prohibiting copying, editing, printing, or other actions with a text.

General Information about the Unlimited Possibilities of Our PDF Tool

Split PDF

After you have made a Word to PDF change, you can split the file into several smaller ones or extract the necessary pages and save them as a separate file.

Excel to PDF

You can convert not only Microsoft Word to PDF but also Excel. This format also belongs to the Microsoft Office software package and can be easily converted to PDF using our tool.

What’s the Difference Between the DOC and DOCX File Format?

Files in the .docx format have appeared in the Microsoft Word processor since the 2007 version. They are distinguished by better protection against viruses, smaller size, and faster response to all user actions. If you are still using Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier, you will need to install an additional compatibility pack to work with .docx files or make a Word Document a PDF.

How to Convert Word to PDF on Mac

You can use our fast and reliable PDF tool to convert Word to PDF on Mac. Alternatively, you can do this through the Save function directly on your device without resorting to using additional programs:
Open the Word document in a viewer on your device.
In the File section, select the Print function and click on it.
Instead of sending this document to print, select the option Save as PDF in the pop-up menu.
Specify the file name and storage folder in the box that appears and click the Save button.
Make Word to PDF download in the folder you have chosen.

How to Convert Microsoft Word Document to PDF

You can convert Word DOC to PDF directly in Microsoft Word processor because this program has a built-in converting Word to PDF function.
Open the required file in your version of Microsoft Word.
Go to the File section.
Select the Save As option from the suggested ones.
In the window that appears, select PDF from all the proposed formats and click the Save button.

How to Save a Word DOC as a PDF

If you don't know how to save or convert Word Document to PDF in Microsoft Word, use our Word to PDF converter online. You will receive a PDF file in a second after uploading the DOC file to the converter window:
Open the desired file by dragging and dropping it into the editor workspace.
Click the Convert button.
Save the file to your device.

How to Save a PDF as a Word Document on Mac

Most often, users convert a file from Word to PDF. But sometimes, the opposite action may be needed. In this case, you have several options for macOS:
Open the PDF file in Preview and copy the desired text. Then go to Microsoft Word, paste it, and save the file as a Word document.
Use a built-in utility available for macOS called Automator. After opening a PDF file with this plugin, use the Extract PDF Text function. Before saving the extracted text, the program will ask you to specify a format, and you will select a text document.
Use our PDF tool, which allows you to not only change Word to PDF but also perform the reverse action.

How to Save Microsoft Word as PDF

If you need to convert from Word to PDF when working in Microsoft Word, this can be done in 3 clicks:
Click on the File section.
From all options, select Save As.
In the pop-up window, click on the Download as PDF option.
If you need to change the format of a closed file, it's easier to convert Word to PDF online using our PDF tool. In this case, just upload the file and click the Convert button.

How to Search for a Word in a PDF

After you have converted Word to PDF online, you may need to find a particular word or phrase in the document. To do this, use the "Search" icon, which will be presented on the left sidebar. Type the required word in the text box and press the Search button. The editor will instantly take you to the desired page and highlight the word.