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Why choose PDF Flex?

Fast conversion

PDF Flex ensures rapid file transformation and boosts your productivity while saving you money and time.

No login required

Our free document converter offers immediate access for speedy and convenient file management.

Safe & secure

We use HTTPS encryption to keep your digital data safe while creating PDF files on our platform.

Ease of access

Our free PDF converter is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

User-friendly design

PDF Flex's interface is designed with your convenience in mind, making it easy for anyone to use our free file converter.

Perfect quality

We preserve the integrity and format of your documents, delivering high-quality outcomes for every file converted to or from PDF.

The best tool for fuss-free PDF to HTML conversion

Our skilled team works diligently to optimize every aspect of our tool so that you're able to convert PDF to HTML free of charge. We comb through feedback, proactively fix bugs, and regularly add new features to improve ease of use. From students to professionals, our PDF to HTML converter empowers any user to quickly switch between formats. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself — it's free!


How to save PDF as HTML?

You can use our PDF to HTML converter free of charge for this task. Just upload the file to the platform, and it will be processed automatically. Wait a few seconds, and your HTML document will be ready. Then, you can download it directly to your device, ready for use on any web platform. And that's how you turn PDF into HTML.

How to change PDF to HTML on Mac?

First off, Mac doesn't have any native apps you can use to convert PDF into HTML. Sure, you can open a PDF in Safari, but that's not the same. You need to use third-party tools — an online PDF to HTML converter or a downloadable one. The former is definitely more attractive, especially if it's free and requires no sign-ups. Yes, we're talking about PDF Flex. It can convert PDF to HTML online on any platform, including Mac.

How to convert PDF to HTML in Windows 10?

Whether you have Windows 10, later, or earlier — it doesn't matter. You can use our tool to convert PDF to HTML code on any platform as long as you have an internet connection. The workflow is the same: upload your file, wait for it to be converted, and then download it.

How to convert PDF to HTML without losing formatting?

We designed PDF Flex to accurately replicate the formatting and layout of your PDF file in the newly created HTML. This means all elements like text, images, and layout structures are preserved, ensuring that your HTML looks just like your original document. This makes our tool a very safe and efficient way to open PDF in HTML format.

Does your PDF to HTML converter have a file size limit?

Yes, PDF Flex does have a 50 MB file size limit, which ensures that the conversion process is quick and efficient while still accommodating a majority of PDF documents. If your file exceeds this limit, consider compressing the PDF before converting PDF to HTML or dividing it into smaller sections, which you can then convert separately.

Convert PDF to HTML for Free

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