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The leading AVIF to JPG converter online

Despite the AVIF format's efficiency, its usability often leaves much to be desired. This has led individuals to seek methods to change AVIF to JPG, a need that PDF Flex's team has addressed. Through their tireless efforts, they have developed a digital tool that delivers fast, secure, and reliable performance. The team aims to create a free AVIF to JPG converter that even beginners with little to no editing experience can use without any hindrances.


What is an AVIF file?

An AV1 Image File, commonly known as AVIF, is a highly efficient compressed image format. In recent years, it has widely replaced JPG as the default format people use for publishing images on websites. That’s because it achieves much better compression than JPGs, retaining a higher level of quality. The frustration regarding AVIF files and why so many people want to turn AVIF into JPG is that they can be viewed primarily within web browsers, and most image viewers don’t support them.

How to change AVIF to JPG?

Converting AVIF to JPG is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking greater control over their images. To turn an AVIF file to JPG, you could download and install a dedicated image converter. This isn’t always perfect though, as you’d have to keep updating the software to support newer formats. A better way, therefore, is to use a free online AVIF to JPG converter like PDF Flex. It's user-friendly and fast, with no need to download anything to your computer.

How to save AVIF as JPG on Mac?

The most efficient way to convert AVIF to JPEG for free is using a web-based file format converter. PDF Flex leads the way in this regard, thanks to its superior performance and support for all major formats. All you need to do is visit the website, find the right tool from the list, upload your AVIF file, and let the free app turn AVIF into JPG. Once done, you’ll be able to download and save your file.

AVIF vs. JPG: What’s better?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking to get out of your files. JPG, as we all know, is a highly versatile format for storing images. It’s supported by almost all image editors and devices out there, and you’ll be able to open and view JPEG images most of the time. AVIF, on the other hand, is a new way to compress images into much smaller file sizes while maintaining quality. For this reason, it's becoming increasingly popular, especially to make websites lightweight and faster.

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