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How to convert PDF to TIFF for free

Choose the document you want to convert
Select ‘PDF to TIFF’ from the drop-down menu
Upload your file to the free PDF to TIFF converter
Give it a few seconds, and your newly created TIFF file will be ready

Why choose PDF Flex?

Fast conversion

PDF Flex ensures rapid file transformation and boosts your productivity while saving you money and time.

No login required

Our free document converter offers immediate access for speedy and convenient file management.

Safe & secure

We use HTTPS encryption to keep your digital data safe while creating PDF files on our platform.

Ease of access

Our free PDF converter is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

User-friendly design

PDF Flex's interface is designed with your convenience in mind, making it easy for anyone to use our free file converter.

Perfect quality

We preserve the integrity and format of your documents, delivering high-quality outcomes for every file converted to or from PDF.

Converting PDF to TIFF has just been made easier

TIFF is a very popular format, especially for those who work with detailed images, like photographers. That’s why using a PDF to TIFF converter often becomes necessary. At PDF Flex, we have a team that aims to deliver the best possible experience to all. We’ve developed a TIFF format converter that works quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our team is the reason why so many people trust our PDF to TIFF online conversion services so much.


How to change PDF to TIFF?

Converting PDF to TIFF format is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is access PDF Flex, upload your file, and download the new .tiff file after some seconds. Our software will ensure that your output document has all the details found in your source file every time you save PDF as TIFF. And you’ll never have to worry about losing your private data either, thanks to our security protocols.

How to convert PDF to TIFF on Mac?

You can use our PDF to TIFF converter free of charge on Mac the same way as on Windows. PDF Flex works on Apple devices, including iPhones, and can be used with ease. Simply head to the website and convert PDF to TIFF free of worries!

What is the difference between TIFF and PDF?

The TIFF format is mostly used by photographers. It stands for Tag Image File Format and stores raster image information. A PDF, or Portable Data Format, is primarily used for data that doesn’t need to be modified. It’s easier to share than a .tiff file since it may be opened on pretty much any modern device without special software.

What benefits does a TIFF file offer?

The reasons why people save PDF as TIFF are many. Primarily, a TIFF file offers the ability to edit and re-save images without affecting their quality. Such files also support layers, making them ideal for graphic design work. It’s a versatile, editable, and high-quality format for visual design work in particular.

Convert PDF to TIFF for Free

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