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Split PDF

How to Separate Pages in PDF

  1. With the goal of creating a new document based on individual pages from the source file, you can split PDF online or in a specialized program. Choose any option and open your file there.
  2. Select the “Create” or “Pages” option (the name of the tool may vary depending on the software solution you are using).
  3. Click on the scissors icon or choose the “Split” menu.
  4. Highlight the page thumbnails you want to separate, or simply specify the page numbers you wish to save separately from the main file in the settings.
  5. Click “Split” and choose a location on your device where the separated pages will be saved as a new PDF document.
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3 Benefits of Using Split PDF

Easily Extract Desired Pages

For instance, when preparing appendices for a scientific paper or presenting partial reports, you don't need an entire book or a detailed report saved in PDF. Instead of sending or printing voluminous files where it's difficult to locate the needed sections, you can extract them and save them as a new PDF. This is also convenient when working with laws, codes, technical instructions, lengthy books, and more. In any case, you can always extract only what is necessary and most important.

Send Only Required Text

Sending only the most crucial fragments, sections, and pages is a great way to assist those who will continue working with these materials. By doing so, you allow your partners to save time searching for the required sections.

Remove Unwanted Information

Confidentiality is not only a matter of good manners but is often a mandatory requirement. Access to the full version of a PDF document can frequently be restricted by contractual obligations and other rules. By extracting only specific details, you can safely share information without violating these rules.

General Information About PDF Available Tools

PDFGuru is a versatile PDF maker that will come in handy not only when you need to split PDFs for free. It's also suitable for document editing and utilizing advanced features. Specifically, this tool allows you to compress PDFs to reduce their size before sending them via email or messenger, convert PDF to JPG and vice versa, and much more.

Merge PDF

We've just covered how to split a PDF, but in some cases, you may need to merge several documents into one to make it more convenient to work with different data. In such a case, PDFGuru is exactly what you need. The “Merge Files” option is located next to the PDF split.

PDF to Word

The PDF to Word conversion function in the editor works excellently, allowing you to handle all popular formats and save documents in a format that's easier to send, present to partners or colleagues, or store. Specifically, you can convert PDF to Word here and continue working on a text document.

The Best Way to Split a PDF into Multiple Files

A functional and user-friendly PDF generator allows you to create PDFs from selected pages in just a few clicks. To split PDF documents into separate segments, you no longer need to take screenshots of each individual page, manually reproduce information, or use other methods. Whenever you need to separate PDF pages, follow these steps:
Choose any PDF editor or split PDF online directly in your browser or through specialized services that make it quicker.
Select step-by-step tools: Page – Split.
A window with additional settings will appear, where you should specify how many pages should be in the final file and which specific page numbers from the source document you want to extract. This way, you can isolate a single page, consecutive pages, or non-sequential individual pages.
To split PDF pages in half or extract specific segments from the source document, choose the location where the finished result will be stored, and press OK.
Verify if everything has been preserved correctly in the new document.
Rename the file if necessary and use the data for work, learning, research, or creativity.

How to Split a PDF in Adobe

Acrobat is an excellent PDF tool that's perfect for both everyday personal use and professional corporate use. Here, you can split and merge PDFs, edit PDFs by modifying text, fonts, and multimedia elements, add signatures or passwords, prepare documents for printing, and much more. This program can handle practically everything with your PDF, so the separate PDF files feature works perfectly:
Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat. You can do this by either launching the program and pressing Ctrl+O or right-clicking the file, selecting "Open With", and choosing Acrobat from the provided options.
Find the “Organize Pages” option on the toolbar.
Click on “Separate PDF” or “Split”.
Specify the required values in the additional settings (page numbers, folder where you intend to save the new file, etc.).
Press OK or “Split Up PDF” (depending on the software version).
Use the new file instead of scrolling through long documents with unnecessary data.

How to Separate Pages in PDF Mac

There's nothing simpler than splitting PDF pages on macOS. It's very easy and free, thanks to the built-in toolkit provided by the platform. You can find the necessary tool in Preview.
Double-click the PDF document you want to edit or split.
In the program, select View – Show Thumbnails.
Highlight the pages you want to split PDF into multiple files.
Drag the selected thumbnails to the desktop and rename the new document as you see fit.

How to Separate PDF Pages Windows

Since Windows doesn't have built-in software for working with PDFs, you'll need our powerful PDF generator. Open the file in the program to proceed to separate the PDF.
Choose the "Page" menu, and in the additional tools, select "Split PDF."
Specify the method of splitting pages: which page numbers need to be saved separately from the main file.
Choose the destination folder or Desktop for saving, and rename the new file if needed.
Save the result by clicking OK.

The Best Way to Separate Pages in a PDF Using a Browser

You can extract pages from a PDF not only using specialized software but also by using any browser with a plugin that supports this format. To save PDF as separate pages online, you need similar tools as when using dedicated software, but there are some differences. Instead of the “Page” menu, you need to choose the “Print” tools. Here's the complete sequence of steps:
Open the PDF in your web browser.
Click the “Print” button or press Ctrl+P.
In the print dialog box that appears, select the “Save as PDF” option.
A sidebar panel will appear with “Settings”. Click on this button.
Choose the page numbers you want to save as separate PDFs.
Enter a new name for the file with the extracted pages.
Confirm the operation by clicking OK.

If You Want to Separate a Page from a PDF

Sometimes, from a large source document, you might need only a single page. On macOS, you can simply select the thumbnail of that page, drag it to your desktop, and you'll have a separate PDF containing only the content you need. Otherwise, to separate the PDF, you need to use the same tool as when you need to extract multiple PDF pages. The difference lies only in specifying the one-page number rather than a range of pages from the source document.

The Best Way to Split a Long PDF into Multiple Pages

So, when you're dealing with a large file and need to split it into several smaller ones, you require a program or a browser that will help you accomplish this task as quickly as possible. To split PDF into individual pages within a program or a browser, you can follow these steps:
Open the necessary file that you want to split or extract several pages from.
Click on the “Page” tool and select the “Split” option.
When a popup dialog appears, specify the page numbers you need within it, as well as the folder where you want to save the results.
Complete the operation by clicking OK. After that, verify if the new file has been saved as per your requirements.