Merge a PDF to Make Your Document Management More Efficient

Learn Time-Saving Technologies of Combining Multiple PDFs in One Well-Structured Document
Merge PDF

How to Merge PDF Files

Easily combine PDF with our feature-rich PDF generator in just a few minutes:
  1. Select the PDF merge option from the toolbar.
  2. Download all the files you are going to merge from your device.
  3. To modify the order of pages or the location of the combined files, use the drag-and-drop method.
  4. Complete the operation by clicking the "Merge PDF" button after arranging pages and files.
  5. Give the title to the unified file and save it to the desired folder.
PDF Flex

3 Benefits of Using Merge a PDF

Speeding Up Your Work

If you often deal with a large number of PDF files, it slows down the performance of many tasks. Merge PDF files that are close in subject matter, and the speed of work will increase significantly.

Facilitating Printing Documents

Whether you're planning on printing a lot of documents yourself or asking someone else to do that, it can be a tedious task. When you merge PDF online and print just one file, you may feel very relaxed.

Enhancing Security

Storing confidential information in multiple files is not safe, especially in an office where you do not have full control over your workplace. Merge PDF and install additional protection on it to be confident in the reliable protection of sensitive information.

Other general information PDF operations

Compress PDF

After combining several files into one, you may want to organize PDF management even more efficiently with the help of the compression function. This will free up space on your disk and make it easier to send files by mail. Our PDF tool allows you to maintain the quality of all images while significantly reducing the overall file size.

Split PDF

Our PDF maker allows you to not only combine PDF files but also split them into several ones. You can extract specific pages from a file and unite them into a new one or split it into multiple equal page files.

How to Combine PDF Files Mac

MacOS has a built-in PDF solution that allows you to merge PDF free without resorting to additional external programs or plugins. To quickly merge PDF Mac, you need to use the Preview function, with the help of which the files will be arranged and combined:
Open one of the files you are going to combine in Preview.
The sidebar will offer you a Thumbnail version of your file.
Find the page after which the next file should follow and click on it with the cursor.
To add a second file, activate the Edit function, select Insert from the menu, and then — the Page from File option.
Choose the file you need to combine with the first one and click “Open”.
If you need to add one more PDF, merge PNG to PDF, or combine the file in some other format, follow the same procedure.
Having combined all the necessary files into one, give it a title and save it to your device.

How to Merge Two PDF Files

If you need to create PDF from two files, use our PDF merge and split online tool. Its advantage is that you can combine PDF documents with other file formats, for example, merge JPG to PDF or add images saved in other formats. Whatever other file type you use, the merging algorithm will be the same:
Open both files in the upload window.
Determine their order with a drag-and-drop method.
If you need to reorder the pages in these files, you can also rearrange them using the drag-and-drop technique.
Combine PDF free by pressing the “Merge PDF" button.
Download the file to your device and be sure that as soon as you exit the editor, information about the files you combined will be deleted. Thanks to this, you can make PDF with absolute confidence in the safety of all operations.

How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10

Unlike macOS, Windows 10 is not equipped with a built-in tool for editing PDF files. To combine PDF Mac, you can use the solution that the developers have included in the MacOS software, but with Windows, you will have to resort to third-party services. Use our editor that enables PDF merge online or install the special application on your computer. To combine documents into one PDF on Windows 10 or merge images to PDF, follow these steps:
Open the software solution with which you will perform PDF combine.
Select the Merge PDF function.
In the upload window, open all the necessary files and determine the order in which they should appear in the combined file.
If you need to change the order of the pages, drag them to the desired location.
When the final version of the new file is ready, press the Merge button.
The last step is to save the file to your device.

How to Merge PDF Files into One

The easiest way is to combine PDF online because the services that offer tools for working with PDF are constantly updated by adding new features that may be useful for you. For example, in addition to the standard merging of several PDF files, you can carry out PDF mail merge, combine JPG to PDF, and much more. The procedure for merging files with our editor is very simple:
Open all files regardless of their format in the loading editor window.
Determine the order of the files to merge using the drag-and-drop method.
See if everything suits you with the preview mode. If something is wrong, drag the pages to other places.
Click on the "Merge" button and then save the file.

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files

The ability to merge PDF files into one or combine images into PDF does not depend on the number of files you want to merge. The sequence of actions is always the same:
Open all files in the uploading window.
Determine their order and press the "Merge" button.
Name the file and download it to your computer.
You can go the other way and connect them one by one, but this option may take longer. Also, after the merging is completed, you can edit PDF, compress it, set protection, and perform any other actions that our editor offers.